I am the voice of the New Earth ... and so are you, if you choose it!

‘Voice of the New Earth’ is an expanding vision that highlights awareness of the choice each of us has to say YES! to the possibilities a new earth reality is offering us:

~ an expanding reality of an empowered new quantum paradigm
~ the full realization of the mastery within
~ the capacity of humanity to co-create a far more extraordinary, enriching and peaceful existence than we thought possible

For those who choose personal evolution from the old earth reality to the new, welcome to the bridge that is ‘Voice of the New Earth’. . .

Maia Hart with raised selenite sword
Maia Hart with raised selenite sword

Do we know what it is we came here to do? What is our unique contribution? We were born for this time!

Self-mastery is the invitation. Illumination primarily comes from our inner guidance . . . we need to listen to and trust our higher self. If we choose to step up we become The Voice of the New Earth!

How potent it is to acknowledge and honour the personal journey that brought us to now. How uplifting it is to celebrate our new empowered reality and the joy of being alive at this incredible time, co-creating dynamically on this new earth!

Through this website I share some of the ways I manifest my unique expression of being a ‘Voice of the New Earth’ and I invite you to have a bit of a chat with your shiny self about what you are choosing, and what your unique expression as a Voice of the New Earth looks like.

If you feel like you are on track, awesome! If not, and any of my offerings resonate with you, I’d be honoured to be an illuminating, recalibrating, catalysing contribution to your world!

“The guidance within evolves the world toward a heaven that is already here. To know this is to know our destiny.”


“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are.”