Koshi chimes

Koshi wind chimes are available for sale on the Atherton Tablelands and sometimes Cairns; $79 each or all four elements, set $290.

Freight currently not available. Please contact me to enquire about pick up from Millstream, or possibly can be delivered (depending on your location and the timing), or we may be able to meet part-way. Pay cash or credit card at handover, or purchase online.

*** Koshi care and tips below ***

More information / sound samples visit Koshi website

~ Create a greater sense of joy, calm and peace
~ Rich in gentle, harmonic overtones
~ Provide many years of sweet delight
~ Enhance any home, work or therapy space
~ Passive or active sound healing
~ A 'natural tranquillizer'
~ 4 different tunings (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
~ 8 precision tuned musical notes (circular tonal range)
~ Classic design in sturdy bamboo veneer
~ Hand crafted by musician artisans in the French Alps


~ All ages
~ Someone who’s difficult to buy for
~Treating yourself!
~ Most occasions. i.e. house warming, engagement, wedding, baby shower, Mother’s/Father’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc.

Suitable for relaxation, sound therapies, meditation, yoga, healing modalities, spas and salons, aged care, child care, etc.

Koshi care
  • If the internal cord becomes entangled around the inner steel pins, hold the paddle while turning the chime upside down. Looking down through the base, gently move the paddle until the cord frees itself, turn the chime upright and hang.

  • The body of the Koshi chime is an eco-friendly bamboo veneer acoustic casing, already treated with a natural timber oil. As with any timber product, care should be taken to ensure a long life.

  • It is recommended by the makers that teak oil or similar be applied to the bamboo veneer over time as the need arises when chimes are not fully protected from the weather.

  • It is recommended that the chimes be hung fully under protective cover or hung indoors.

  • To protect the Koshi from high humidity apply a coating of a colourless deck or tung oil with an added fungicide. This can be applied every 6-12 months depending on the level of humidity, or as often as needed depending on your local conditions.

  • A natural solution to mold can be the application of clove oil or tea tree oil. Wipe the outside of the chime with warm water, then when dry apply the natural oil.

  • The internal steel pins can oxidise over time with humidity, this will not affect the tuning.

Koshi care and tips...

Where to hang your koshi wind chimes

There are many places you can hang your Koshi chimes.
Here are some suggestions:

  • under awnings near front and back doors or on decks/patios or in breezeways

  • from a curtain rail near any window or sliding door where there are breezes (or directly from the frame around the door or window) – with either a hook (can be made from an old wire coat hanger) or a length of light cord

  • in front of an air conditioner outlet or oscillating fan

  • from the bottom of a bird cage

  • from a verandah hanging pot plant

  • from timber/steel studs under a patio or verandah

  • from the inside of a Bali hut/gazebo

  • above a door (positioned so that as the door opens the door moves the paddle, causing the chime to sound)

  • from the hooks or handles in the back seat area of a vehicle

  • beneath outdoor umbrellas

  • Babies’ rooms or daycare centres

  • aged care facilities

  • meditation and/or yoga spaces

  • outdoor dining areas, cafes, restaurants

  • treatment/therapy rooms

  • home or work offices

*** It is suggested by the makers that the chimes not be within reach of children under four years of age. I would add that older children who are being playfully destructive can cause damage if they pull on the paddle.