Mentoring circle

I was approached by a couple of people (independently of each other), asking if I could give them some guidance with their sound healing, both toning and instruments. It prompted me to consider whether to create a sound healing mentoring/collaboration circle. I decided to check in with the wider community to see whether anyone else would be keen for anything like that and there has been quite a good response (some 20 people so far).

We're mostly communicating via a private FaceBook group, however, not everyone is on FaceBook. I've created this page to provide information to those who are not.

Our first get-together will be on February 10, in Ravenshoe. At that gathering I will be asking everyone what they're looking for, and what we might be able to create together. Where it goes from then on will very much be shaped by the group.

I'd also like to say that even though I am the one initiating and leading this, there's no hierarchy here. I acknowledge our collective light and wisdom, and the infinite possibilities that can birth out of our combined energies. Watch this space!

Please contact me if you would like to participate.

The mentoring gathering will be followed by a sound immersion. Details here.